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Indonesian rescuers reach crash site, find black boxes and plane destroyed

full story: Indonesian rescuers reach crash site, find black boxes and plane destroyed

The plane had just taken off with a crew of 12 from Soewondo Air Force Base, located roughly 3 miles from the crash, carrying supplies to Indonesian bases on other islands.

You do not have someone survive a mass murderer, a plane crash, A FREAKING PLANE CRASH, AND A crushed hand, as a neurosurgeon.

Efforts to find the site of the crash will continue Tuesday.

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TMZ is reporting that a couple of items taken from the Paul Walker crash site are going up for auction, just months after the Fast & Furious actor tragically passed away in a violent car crash.

tv competes with CliponYu, another Indonesian live-streaming video site, but Damek says they target different markets.

Photo by Roni Bintang/Reuters A C-130 Hercules military plane crashed into a hotel in Medan on the Indonesian island of Sumatra on Tuesday, with a local Red Cross official confirming at least 43 deathsand predicting that the number will rise,CNN reports.

According to TMZ, the plane piloted by the actor crash-landed at an L.

One of his sons, Salem, also died in a plane crash in 1988.

One of the most controversial part of this law is the so-called black boxes.

Update: Someone witnessed the plane crash and shared a 1-minute video.

Mohammed bin Laden, Osamas father, was killed in a plane crash in 1967.

The plane, dubbed Kee Bird, ended up on this ice sheet following a crash landing in 1947.

Just for the record, it need be said that pilot Darryl Greenamyer did try to recover the plane about 40 years after the crash.

The telecom giant backed Indonesian site Tokopedia to the tune of $100 million last year and led a $627 million round for Snapdeal, a rival to Amazon in India.

Bad news for Harrison Ford fans as the actor may have been seriously injured in a plane crash happening in L.

Just like her late mother, who was killed in a plane crash in December 2012, Chiquis was plump.

Due to his piloting experience, he managed to steer the plane so that it did not hit any of the trees on the golf course, which would have probably resulted in a much worse crash.

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Just as everyone assumed the recommended position in case of a crash, the plane lands back to safety and an incredulous Paris finally finds out that shes been pranked.

Work by Ben Black, Jeff Kiehl, Jean-Francois Lamarque, and Christine Shields at the National Center for Atmospheric Research showed that the halocarbons released by the Siberian flood basalts would have destroyed as much as 70 percent of the Earths ozone, worldwide.

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Since the tragedy, fans have been coming to the crash site to light candles and leave something in Pauls memory.

They also say that she most likely sent distress signals, yet rescuers failed to locate and save her in time.

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government isreportedly investigatingallegations of price gouging at five major airlines that may have capitalized on the Amtrak crash by raising plane ticket prices for desperate travelers.

Interestingly, most of its stars and stellar nurseries are aligned in the same plane, whereas our galaxy's core has a bulge that protrudes outwards from the plane.

It's also worth mentioning that right after the crash, there were several reports that the passenger of the car with the woman driver, who turned out to be her brother, sent out a tweet saying that the crash was minor and that no one was hurt.

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He adds thatthe particular sensors its packing into BikeTag are able to provide moregranular crash data than could otherwise be pulled via smartphone sensors claiming: We will detect every fall/crash with few or no false positives.

A group of young activists travel into the jungles of Peru to save the rain forest but, after their plane crashes deep in the forest, they find themselves trapped by a tribe of cannibals who have a lot of twisted things in store for them.

The story they told was about what happened when the automated system flying the plane suddenly shut off, and the pilots were left surprised, confused, and ultimately unable to fly their own plane.

We were very eager to find a jet from Sgr A* because it tells us the direction of the black hole's spin axis.