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Most dangerous weapons of the 21st century

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Researchers say that, despite efforts to limit pollution, greenhouse gas emissions documented thus far in the 21st century are roughly the same as the ones reported the century before.

For me, that is the most profound revelation of 20th century astrophysics and I look forward to what the 21st century will bring us, given the frontiers that are now unfolding, the astrophysicist says.

Todays ruling from the California labor regulators demonstrates why federal policymakers need to re-examine the 20th century definitions and employment classifications were attempting to apply to a 21st century workforce, Sen.

"One issue that might present difficulties for any development office is that of gathering donations to make the college an institution of the 21st century when most of those being solicited graduated during the 20th century and want the college to preserve the culture it once enjoyed," Brown writes.

It's been the big story of the 21st century.

18 billion) by the end of the 21st century.

) research project of the 21st century.

So I did what any person in the 21st century did, and I searched Google.

She did a great job transforming NPR and bringing it into the 21st century, he said.

GINA is really a civil rights law for the 21st century.

The article also notes that many such flags are actually manufactured in China, which means that (at least in the short term) a controversy related to the United States' 19th-century civil war is enriching the capitalists who work within the communist system of one of the United States' longtime 21st-century antagonists.

By the end of the 21st century, our greenhouse gas emissions should be nearing zero, NPR reports.

Why did an industrialized nation in the 21st century have a measles problem?

Think of it as a TOMY Armatron for the 21st century only a lot smarter and cooler.

Videogames are the tipping point of a 21st century revolution.

What happens when 80-year-old laws meet 21st-century millennial?

Shia has been quoted as saying that In the 21st century there is NO personal language.

But we still use 19th centre technology to power 21st century devices.

Whats more, he says, these 21st-century buildings are mostly alien to the character of London.

In 2015, Unchecked climate change, global nuclear weapons modernizations, and outsized nuclear weapons arsenals pose extraordinary and undeniable threats to the continued existence of humanity, the scientists argue.

If violations were detected, Iran would have some splaining to do, noted the president, who also argued that nuclear weapons development facilities are not something you hide in a closet.

He has the opportunity to name a visionary leader who can nudge the nation toward a richer, more open information ecosystem appropriate for a democratic republic in the 21st century.

Purposeful design tackles that challenge, identifying and creatively solving problemslike bringing the design of the powered wheelchair into the 21st century.

So, we know The Joker will be majestic and we have a good look at some of the weapons that will be used.

Had one of the weapons not jammed, there would have been many more deaths.

Open data is fundamental to the central role that cities are playing as innovative leaders in the 21st century.

Courtesy of Herzog & de Meuron The project to build Paris first 21st-century skyscraper and the tallest building to be erected in the city in 40 years hit a major roadblock when the Paris City Council voted it down last November.

In the past decade, some states have begun to question how necessary rest stops are on the 21st-century highway, especially in relation to the costs to maintain them.

Many will no doubt see this as the embodiment of 21st-century politics, the latest manifestation of a system obsessed with electioneering and the preservation of the status quo.

The Neanderthal burial site at La Chapelle-aux-Saints, in southwestern France, was first discovered in the early twentieth century, nearly a century ago, and immediately sparked heated debates in the scientific community about the funerary practices and burials of our related species.

In a previous incident that took place on the day before her 21st birthday, the singer got robbed again and lost some more expensive jewelry in the heist.

This test brings mental health diagnosis into the 21st century and offers the first personalized medicine approach to people suffering from depression, the Northwestern University scientist went on to comment on the importance of this research project.

Hiddleston too can be very dangerous, almost as dangerous as he is suave.

When pundits describe data in the 21st century, they often resort to the flood metaphor, describing how we are inundated or awash with data.