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Author Name: AFP
50 Days Of War In Gaza May Cost Israel Dearly
A child gestures during a rally by supporters of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood in Amman, celebrating what Hamas say is its victory in Gaza, August 29, 2014.Israel may be painting a victorious picture of the war in Gaza, but 50 days of fighting looks set to cost it dearly on the political, economic and diplomatic fronts. Netanyahu presented his defence: Hamas, he said, was hit "Very hard" and did not receive anything it had demanded in exchange for halting its fire, namely a port and an airport in Gaza. Such matters are to be discussed, along with Israel's demand for Gaza militants to disarm, at a new round of talks which will take place in Cairo within the coming month. Despite Israel's intensive bombardment which sewed death and destruction across the Gaza Strip, costing the lives of 2,143 Palestinians, Hamas continued firing rockets up to the last minute before Tuesday's truce went into effect. Throughout the seven-week conflict, militants in Gaza fired 4,591 rockets and mortar shells at Israel, of which 3,650 hit the Jewish state and another 735 of which were shot down. "Politically, Hamas has not achieved anything and there is very little chance it will get what it wants in terms of the construction of a port or an airport in Gaza," he told AFP. "The damage in Gaza is such that Hamas will find it very difficult to resume the fighting, even if its demands are rejected." The financial cost of the operation in the third and longest Gaza war in six years is estimated at around three to four billion dollars, experts say.

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