posted at 02:50
Author: Sylvan Lane
9 Nearly Worthless Gadgets Youre Hanging Onto for Dear Life
You can't put a price on childhood memories, which explains why most of your favorite toys and gadgets from childhood aren't worth squat. Before you try to sell your childhood dreams away, check out the nine items that have much more sentimental value than market value. According to PriceCharting, which records listing prices for video games on eBay, Amazon and, most sports games for Nintendo 64 and Playstation all start at about $3. 2. A used Super Soaker probably won't get you more than $20 on eBay since they're still being made today - albeit with a little less power. Some from the 1970s and '80s can fetch hundreds of dollars in near-mint condition, but the one you rocked in the '90s won't get much more than $25. 5. That's exceedingly difficult to do on eBay, where listings for the computers get little love with slashed prices. Some modern top-of-the-line models go for a nice price, but the numbers aren't in your favor if you list a standard version. While the boombox carries unique musical and cultural value, that won't translate into cash.

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