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Author Name: Pierre-Henry Deshayes
Booming electric car sales under fire in Norway
Electric cars crowd the bus lane during the morning rush hour towards Oslo at Hoevik, August 19, 2014.Oslo - Ministers in Norway - a major and rich oil-producing country - are under increasing public pressure to reduce perks and tax breaks for booming electric car sales. "It's become a problem," said Erik Haugstad, a bus driver in the Oslo region who complains about the numerous electric cars clogging bus lanes, which they have the right to use in Norway. "I'm a bus driver and I want to transport my passengers as quickly as possible. So, I'd like electric cars to leave the bus lanes, where they're getting in my way," Haugstad said. "These delays have a cost for society. Time lost by thousands of our passengers in traffic is far greater than that gained by a few dozen electric car drivers." He said the cars can create a vicious circle - tired of being stuck in traffic, bus users could be tempted to buy an electric car themselves, worsening the congestion problem. Electric cars already represent 85 percent of traffic in bus lanes during rush hour, according to a study by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on a busy stretch of road outside Oslo. "We might make lowering adjustments in the future," Prime Minister Erna Solberg recently told Norwegian newspaper VG. "But I can promise drivers that there will still be fiscal advantages to driving an electric car." The commitment is important, because 48 percent of electric car owners say their main reason for buying them was to save money.

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