posted at 20:50
Author: Brittany Levine
Ferrari Hates DeadMau5s Nyan Cat Car, Sends Cease And Desist
While Deadmau5's fans loved his "Purrari," the Ferrari he tricked out with a Nyan cat theme, the Italian car maker was not a fan. Ferrari sent the electronic music producer, famous for wearing a mouse-head helmet during shows, a cease and desist letter regarding his decorated Ferrari 458 Spider, which he put up for sale for $380,000 earlier this summer. Deadmau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman, removed the sky blue car wrap inspired by the internet meme, Nyan cat, which has a pop-tart body and leaves a rainbow trail while it flies through space, he announced on Twitter this week. Ferrari took the most offense to his custom badges and floor mats with Purrari logos, he told Twitter followers. Deadmau5 raced it through Europe during the Gumball 3000 international motor rally and he even drove it during a coffee run with fellow Canadian, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. A call to Ferrari's international number in search of a spokesperson to explain the reasoning for the letter was answered by a man who repeatedly said "No English" before hanging up. An email to a Ferrari marketing team went unanswered. Deadmau5 already owns a 650S Spider from Ferrari's age-old rival, McLaren, but he has his eye on a McLaren P1 GTR. Maybe we'll see a "McPurrin" one day?

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