posted at 20:00
Author: Christina Warren
How Safe is iCloud and Other Cloud Services?
Still, knowing how many people use iCloud, we wanted to address how safe iCloud and other cloud systems, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are. On its website, Apple has an entire overview of the security measures in place to protect data on iCloud. The real question is less about how good iCloud security is and more about how strong a user's password is. Apple offers its own support of two-factor authentication for iTunes and iCloud accounts. The hacker didn't gain access to Honan's accounts by cracking his passwords, instead, he was able to use public information, unsettling security practices by tech support and good old-fashioned social engineering to ultimately gain access to his Gmail and iCloud accounts. If you sync your computer with iCloud or iPhoto, the files sent to iCloud and those stored on iCloud are encrypted and secure. Until we see any evidence that indicates that a broader iCloud breach occurred, we have no reason to believe that iCloud is unsafe. The much more important question that users should ask themselves - whether they use iCloud or Google or OneDrive or Dropbox - is if they can trust themselves.

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