posted at 16:50
Author Name: Fabienne Faur
Legroom war rages as planes grow more cramped
Within just a few days, two aircraft were re-routed because of passengers fighting over a seat recline. "People are travelling more, on more crowded planes, the space is smaller and the airlines still provides seats that recline," added the six-foot-three entrepreneur who says he flies 100,000 miles a year. The "Knee Defender" inventor, who created his gadget more than a decade ago is ready to move on. A Wall Street Journal study in October 2013 found that airlines were reducing space for economy class passengers in order to make more room for first and business class passengers, who pay far higher ticket prices. In comparison, legroom on a typical US train is more like 20 inches. "Baggage restrictions and fees, the loss of meal services, tighter seating and more for-fee upgrades that reduce the basic experience, all contribute to more aggravation for fliers," said Schlichter. "We may be right, but trying to pursue being right may cause more trouble that it's worth," she said, advising passengers to lean back slowly "So you don't slam into someone." "Sometimes just a little bit is enough to be more comfortable."

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