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Author Name: Hunter Walker
ROMNEY: Obama Mistakes Led To Rise Of ISIS
Mitt Romney suggested he would have been able to prevent the rise of the jihadist group Islamic State if he were elected rather than President Barack Obama in 2012 during a radio interview that aired Sunday. According to Romney, Obama's "Mistakes" enabled Islamic State to gain power in both Syria and Iraq. "Mistakes were made and now we have ISIS," Romney said in a pre-taped interview on billionaire John Catsimatidis' show on New York City's AM 970. Romney argued Islamic State would not have gained ground if America had adopted his 2012 plan for dealing with the revolution against Syrian President Bashar Assad. "If you go back a few years when Syria fell into revolution and tumult, when rebels were pushing against Assad, I laid out what I thought was a prudent course for us to see stability in Syria," said Romney. Romney, who left the door at least slightly open to a potential 2016 campaign in an interview last week, said the plan he presented in the last race included doing more to back and arm "Moderate revolutionaries" in Syria. "These kind of actions would have stabilized Syria, at least I believe so, and would have prevented the growth of a group like ISIS," explained Romney. Romney argued Obama failed to take advantage of an opportunity to stop the group before it established itself in Iraq. "Almost a year ago, American intelligence sources told the president that there was a group forming called ISIS ... and that there was a significant chance that they would go into Iraq and invade a city there. The president failed to take action. He watched," Romney said.

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