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Scotland hosts World Haggis Eating championship
Competitors take part on the World Haggis Eating Championship during the 150th Birnam Highland Games in Perthshire, Scotland, on August 30, 2014.London - Competitors from around the world gathered in the rural Scottish village of Birnam this weekend for the World Haggis Eating Championship as part of the 150th anniversary Birnam Highland Games. Strongmen dressed in kilts competed in traditional challenges such as "Throwing the hammer" and "Tossing the caber", a large wooden log, in the green landscape of Perthshire. Martin Bristow was crowned the winner of the haggis contest, eating a pound of the sheep innards pudding in one minute and 47 seconds, according to Heart Scotland News. Amid the fun and games the debate over the September referendum on independence for Scotland was never far away, with both "Yes" and "No" sides campaigning at the event.

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