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Author Name: Francois Becker
Six dead in Paris suburb building explosion
Firefighters carry a body found in the rubble of a four-storey residential building that collapsed following a blast in Rosny-sous-Bois in the eastern suburbs of Paris on August 31, 2014.Bobigny - Six people were killed when an explosion ripped through an apartment building outside Paris, reducing half a residential block to rubble, emergency services said. The bodies of a 45-year-old woman and another adult were also recovered from the remains of the four-storey building in the northeastern suburb of Rosny-sous-Bois. Neighbours said the blast, which happened at around 7:00 am, was strong enough to shake buildings some 100 metres away. Ghislaine Poletto, 55, who lives about 50 metres away from the collapsed building, said she "Jumped into her trousers" and rushed to the site, where together with neighbours "We managed to pull two children out". Emergency crew chief Bernard Tourneur said the search would continue for at least 24 hours with care, since the remainder of the building left standing "Is threatening to cave in". Neighbour Maryline Yyvon suggested the explosion was indeed the result of a gas leak. "They'd been digging under the sidewalk just in front of the building," she told AFP. Deputy Mayor Serge Deneulin said the building dates from the 1970s and was "In perfect shape".

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