posted at 19:50
Author: Elliott Masie, head of The MASIE Center
Sun, 31 Aug 2014 02:00:32 +0000
Understanding the value of a Massive Open Online Course
Armed with a topic I was passionate about, I worked with online learning platform Udemy to build my first course. While the content of any course is key, I was surprised to find that it's just as important to emphasize the timing and format of the content's "Unveiling." 1: Release each course separately2: Release all their content at once. Instructors who clearly lay out the course's content in an introductory syllabus-style outline streamline the process for their students, allowing them to more directly access the course lessons that are most relevant to them. One of the most frequent - and quite frankly bogus - criticisms we hear about MOOCs is that course completion rates are extremely low, suggesting that students lose interest and ultimately learn nothing. Consider your course's student completion rates in tandem with student feedback. Remember, skill seekers have enrolled in your course to gain a specific skill, so they are likely to focus on the segments of the course that are most relevant and of most value. Each of the various MOOC platforms offer insight into what adjustments can be made to make the course better; or even highlight opportunities for the creation of other courses that may be in demand.

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