posted at 07:00
Author: Dwayne De Freitas
Sat, 30 Aug 2014 14:00:08 +0000
Why T-Mobiles Music Freedom may hurt net neutrality
On Wednesday we reported that T-Mobile added six new streaming music services to its Music Freedom program. Music Freedom is a feature of T-Mobile's smartphone, tablet, and hotspot mobile data plans that allows users unlimited access to mobile streaming music services without that streaming data consumption counting against their monthly mobile data cap. T-Mobile's Music Freedom plan has garnered some suspicion in the streaming music space. With support for thirteen music streaming services, T-Mobile's Music Freedom program's list of providers is expansive, though not comprehensive. Music Freedom lacks support for independent streaming services such as TuneIn and 8Tracks, a profitable music streaming service that focuses on the independent music titles that attract late adolescents. Music Freedom is also missing support for some large corporate players like Amazon Music and Google Play Music. With the specter of wireless carriers picking streaming music winners and losers hanging over our heads, I reached out to T-Mobile to ask what it took for streaming services to join Music Freedom. "We don't ask them to change bandwidth levels, we simply whitelist the music content from them. There's an open admission process for music services to join Music Freedom."

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