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4 mistakes to avoid when hiring millennials
As more millennials continue to enter the workforce, employers are increasingly turning their attention to recruiting them. If employers think Generation Y workers will respond to the same old tactics they used in years past, they may want to think again: Millennials aren't always the easiest to recruit. " , 54% of millennials either want to start a business or already have started one," said Ryan Jenkins, millennial keynote speaker and author. A recent survey by Match Marketing Group found that only a quarter of millennials consider benefits extremely important when choosing a job, but 84% rated having meaningful work that makes a difference as very or extremely important. "Millennials worry about teamwork and having meaningful work, [so] to attract the top [talent] it is important to demonstrate the value of work and the opportunity to build community with your team." "Provide examples [and] include other millennials who are currently working for you." In an article on millennial recruitment tactics, Jenkins recommended several ways an employer can highlight the company culture to millennial recruits, including an employee-run blog, virtual tours and "Behind the scenes" content on your company website, sharing a few of your office social perks, and using your younger workers as part of your recruiting team. If you're seeking a millennial worker for a lower-level position, don't write off a candidate just because he or she doesn't appear to have all the skills required to the job.

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