posted at 09:05

Australia's richest miner has filed a lawsuit over why the interstate border will remain closed. He claimed that keeping the border closed was unconstitutional. This is because Australia's constitution guarantees that its inhabitants can move freely between every state and territory.

Clive Palmer, a miner from the Western Australian state of Western Australia, is one of the richest men in the country. He also has a large business in the state of Queensland. He also runs a political party, the United Australia Party, almost exclusively. He first filed a lawsuit against the Western Australian government in the country's high court over why the state border was closed. Another state added to the case on Thursday was Queensland.

Clive Palmer said keeping the border closed is unconstitutional and discriminatory. Documents for the case will be submitted by June 26, so that the hearing on the matter can begin soon. He hopes the high court will recognise the closure of the state border as "stupid". But the state government says it is confident enough to take back the challenge.

On the other hand, Pauline Hanson, the leader of the One Nation political party, has threatened to take legal action if Queensland's border is not opened soon. He said the state government was violating the constitutional right to freedom of movement in the country mentioned in Article 92 of the Constitution by keeping the border closed.

Despite pressure from several political fronts and state governments, the Queensland and Western Australian state governments are adamant about keeping their state borders closed for the next few months. The chief health officer said they had taken the measure to stop the spread of the deadly corona infection.